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Jasmine (me!): Inquisitive coquette. Femme fatale. Luminous libertine. More importantly, your hedonistic playmate.

An all American girl born and raised in New York; I am a student working hard towards a bachelors degree in philosophy. In addition to pursuing my education, I came to Paris to experience that "joie de vivre" Care to join?

I am highly educated, a published author, professional model, and well-versed in current events- which makes me the perfect companion to those who prefer quality. From dinner dates to excursions to sensuous one on one time in an elegant hotel; with you by my side, I bask in them all.

As an international jet setter, with a celestial sense of wanderlust, traveling is one of my top two passions (can you guess the other ;)? ). In my mere 22 years I have traveled to over 30 countries, and lived in 4. Absorbing culture is a favorite past time; so by all means, let’s explore some together. Having lived in Paris for 4 years now I am more than happy to take you sight-seeing, wine tasting, or choose just the right French restaurant for us to savor over.

An avid practitioner of yoga, along with 16 years of professional ballet training under my belt - I can assure you I've perfected the art of bodily intuition. I enjoy having a nice conversation over a glass of champagne and then heading for what will surely be an unforgettable dessert...

Téléphone  : 0753308021
Age  : 22
Nationalilté  : Americane
Taille  : 170CM
Couleur de cheveux  : brunette
Couleur des yeux  : brown
Langues  : English
Tarifs 1 heure  : 300
Tarifs 2 heures:  : 600
Site internet  : https://www.jasminebarnesxx.com/
Vues au total: 26138
ID Annonce: A 715